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Brooke Burke-Charvet dives into health, fitness, relationships, food, beauty, aging, spiritual wellness, parenting and maybe even a little sex. Or maybe a lot. Just like life itself, there’s no predicting, because it’s all on the table in a freewheeling, light-hearted, transparent discussion about the things that matter most.



Aug 29, 2017

Bonus Episode: This episode is from an archive of Brooke’s previous show, “The Naked Mom.”

Brooke welcomes American Ninja Warrior and Home and Family host Matt Iseman to the studio. They discuss their time on Celebrity Apprentice – and how Matt beat Brooke out to become the champion, raising a ton of money in the process for the Arthritis Foundation. They also cover the emotional journey that led Matt to abandon a burgeoning career as a young doctor to pursue his dream of becoming a stand up comedian. Imagine trying to tell your parents that one! Matt and Brooke talk about finding the passion that drives you and the benefits of saying “yes.” They also cover how Matt discovered he had rheumatoid arthritis and how he’s dealt with it and thrived since. And of course – the awesomeness of American Ninja Warrior! Thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast. Get a free audiobook with a free 30 day trial at You can find us on Twitter and Instagram: @MattIseman @BrookeBurke @NakedMomPod *Heads up for people listening with kids; there are two “s-bombs” in this episode.*