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Brooke Burke-Charvet dives into health, fitness, relationships, food, beauty, aging, spiritual wellness, parenting and maybe even a little sex. Or maybe a lot. Just like life itself, there’s no predicting, because it’s all on the table in a freewheeling, light-hearted, transparent discussion about the things that matter most.



Nov 28, 2017

Brookes’ guest on today’s episode is Shannon Dellimore, co-founder of the powerhouse independent beauty brand GlamGlow. Shannon and her partner Glenn turned an $80 investment they made on a whim after a conversation with an A-list movie star at a party and in just 6 years have turned that investment into a multi-million dollar skincare business. This is truly a business built on word of mouth. Like all such stories, includes a lot of research, drive and hard work - along with a little luck. Shannon’s GlamGlow masks are a hit with women and girls including Brooke and her daughters. Shannon’s story includes buying a house just as the market crashed while starting a business and having a brand new baby – all the same types of challenges women in business have to face every day. Shannon and her GlamGlow beauty masks are a classic American self-made success story. Find them at and on Twitter and Instagram at @GlamGlow

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Today’s show was produced by David Harte and edited by Gabe Harder. Our music is from WouldWork Sound.