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Brooke Burke-Charvet dives into health, fitness, relationships, food, beauty, aging, spiritual wellness, parenting and maybe even a little sex. Or maybe a lot. Just like life itself, there’s no predicting, because it’s all on the table in a freewheeling, light-hearted, transparent discussion about the things that matter most.



Aug 29, 2017

Bonus Episode: This episode is from an archive of Brooke’s previous show, “The Naked Mom.”

Brooke welcomes undefeated boxing champion, TV personality, podcaster, author, devoted home chef, wife and powerhouse of a mother Laila Ali to the studio. Laila and Brooke cover a lot of territory including becoming friends on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, the unglamorous side of what goes on backstage at Dancing With the Stars, Laila’s other championship on the cooking competition show Chopped and how they both tackle the most difficult issue mom’s face – making lunch for picky kids. Hopefully she’ll have some tips about that in her upcoming cookbook. They also dig deep in to the multiple roles women have to balance in their lives, especially between striving to achieve at work against the backdrop of being raised to try to keep everyone else happy. Laila also shares some of the profound lessons she’s learned through her career as an athlete and what she did – and didn’t – take from her father Mohammad Ali’s experience. But before all that, Brooke shares a funny but very unglamorous story about her difficult morning taking care of her sick daughter and another dark time in her career that was revealed to be a blessing and a cause for gratitude. Thanks to Sunbasket for supporting Naked Mom. Go To and get your first three meals free! Find Laila on her social feeds at @TheRealLailaAli and her website and listen to her podcast Laila Ali Lifestyle. Find Brooke’s social feeds at @BrookeBurke and the show’s at @NakedMomPod Heads up: There are a couple “s-bombs” in this episode.